Friday, May 11, 2012

Hair, There, Everywhere! Oh yeah..Finally Friday!

Yikes, I am being consumed by dog hair. I seriously can't believe how much Ozzie has been shedding lately! It's the equivalent to 3 bulldogs and a llama! I discovered dog hair in my toothpaste the other day! There is no where that is safe from the stuff. The new vacuum the Meile Cat & Dog has been working full time to keep up with the follicle fall out!

Ozzie needs a good ole fashion brushing out on the deck. Though the weather has been iffy lately with showers and wind. I'll get to it Saturday morning for sure! 
I came across a tip in one of my bulldog books, suggesting to spritz the bullie's coat first with some water so the hairs don't break. Adding a little Listerine to the water will help keep the coat clean. Then use a Curry comb first to remove loose and clumped hair. Followed by brushing  him down with a Bristle brush. I am not sure I have either of those things but I will check in pet stores for them. 

Wishing you all  you Mom's out there a wonderful and dog hair free Mother's day!

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