Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Friday...the 13th!

A view of Macy's the world's largest store!

I usually post early Friday mornings but it seems the Blogger server was down most of the day. Hm, coincidence or did Friday the 13th rear its ugly self on Blogger?!
Yeah that ole friggatriskaidekaphobia will get you every time if you feed into it! You won't find Ozzie worrying about superstitions like bad luck on the 13th! In matter of fact you won't find Ozzie worrying about anything much except what time is dinner!?
I went into the city to visit Mark (a.k.a Pop) at work the other day. His company is on the 21st and 22nd floors of the Empire State Building. Its always exciting to go into Manhattan with all its hustle and energy. The people watching is the best you will ever experience and to go into such an iconic building as the Empire State Building is always a thrill. Though security has gotten a little more tighter since the last time I was there. Visitors have to report to the front desk in the lobby and show ID and have their picture taken. Unfortunately it is a target for the crazy's out there! I took some pictures out of his office window which faces 34th St and Broadway. You have a birds-eye view of Macy's from his office. The office itself is pretty ordinary on the 22nd floor where the finance and IT people are located (par for the course, stuck in 1965) but their showroom and reception area on the 21st floor are very nice. Ozzie was a bit perturbed since we got home late, but Grandpa fed him and took him out.
We are looking forward to the next several days of overcast skies with on and off showers, but I shouldn't complain we had 7 days of wonderful weather. Here is hoping you all have sunny skies this weekend. Say goodnight Ozzie......Arf!

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