Looking Good!

Ozzie got his bath the other day, much to his chagrin! He is always well behaved for the groomers and they enjoy having him there. Now he smells fresh and his nails are manicured. I realize this is a temporary state and that it won't take long to revert back to his stinky self but in the meanwhile I will revel in it!
A matter of fact he looks so good that he should go out on a date. Ah spring when a young man's fancy....you know the rest. Too bad there isn't an on line dating services for dogs like there is for people. Yeah and they could call it something like "HoundHarmony.com or MuttsMingle.com. I can see Ozzie's profile now:
Athletic Build, Dashing Looks
Likes short walks (really short) on the beach
Hobbies: Napping, eating

Good listener
Looking for someone who can put up with my snoring

I guess Ozzie is probably happy as a single at the moment. Hey maybe a visit to the dog park to show off his new coif! Oops...Ozzie just ran under the table, he must of read my mind. Guess we will stay right here for now and enjoy the day.


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