Weekend Activities or Lack There of!

We are slowly recovering from a busy Memorial Day weekend. Seems like we were all over the map! Ozzie mainly stayed home in the AC cooling himself and taking his power naps. Can't say I blame him since the temps hovered around the high 80's most of the time. My husband and I and a group of our friends ventured into Manhattan to cruise the bike path for what would be our first bicycle ride of the season. The city was full of tourist who had come in for the holiday and Fleet week. Nothing else makes you feel more patriotic than to go by the Intrepid and other battleships and just gaze at them in awe of their massive presence. The pier area on the west-side was full of sailors and Marines. A perfect opportunity to shake their hands and thank them fro their service.
We stopped along the way to have our picture taken with the Freedom Tower in the background. Scheduled to be completed in late 2013 at a 105 stories, we plan to have our pictures taken periodically in that spot to record the progress.

After dinner last night I tried to explain to Ozzie the meaning of Memorial day and the history of our flag. He listened politely but I expect all the time he was thinking about what he was going to get for dessert! "H mm, maybe I will get some ice-cream if I look pathetic enough?"


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