Finally Friday and Doggie Lama

Can there be anyone more relaxed than Ozzie? I was pondering that the other day as I watched him lay there motionless with his eyes closed. I assumed he was sleeping, but it almost seemed like he was meditating. You never know! Dogs can be spiritual and in touch with their inner self.... why not.?! Oz could be like the Dalai Lama, an enlightened being that is a reincarnation of some noble compassionate canine of long ago that keeps coming back to serve humanity with his wisdom.
As I was in the middle of envisioning Ozzie was the great Doggie Lama he rolled onto his side began snoring heavily and passed gas. Wait a minute, there is the philosophical saying "what you see is what you get!" Okay, Ozzie may not be the enlightened one but he sure is content!

Before we begin our weekend I want to leave you with some news of recent FDA recalls of pigs ears a popular dog treat. The brands being recalled are from Boss Pet Products and Blackman Industries. Dogs have been sickened with salmonella after ingesting these porky treats. I myself do not give Ozzie pig ears because they creep me out but if you give them to your pup please check with this site first.

Ozzie is meditating ...I mean sleeping at the moment, so I will say so long and wish you an enlightened weekend!


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