Neighborhood Watch

Last evening we spent some time on our front porch enjoying the nice weather and admiring the Dogwood trees which are in full bloom at the moment. Ozzie sat with us too, more to check out the neighborhood dogs than the Dogwood trees. Yes this activity is far more preferable than walking for Ozzie. He figures why should I walk around the block when everything is right outside my front door! We had a visit from our friends Tom and Patricia who were walking their adorable Terrier, Katie. Ozzie was his usual cool self observing from his perch on the porch. He sat there for quite while looking for anything unusual going on. Its part of Ozzie's commitment to stay ever vigilant and to keep our neighborhood safe from whatever evils that lurk. Right Oz..... "ZZZZZZZZZZ" Ozzie wake up you fell asleep on your shift again! Maybe we can get him a job at the airport!


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