Mother's Day and Bulldog Flowers

What a beautiful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day we had! It really is uplifting to have such great Spring weather! Ozzie maintained his perch on the porch as his Pop slaved over the front lawn. Unfortunately my husband doesn't have the gift of a green thumb. It's not from a lack of effort, it just seems that whatever he tries to do to our grass turns out all wrong. We have more weeds than grass and the birds end up enjoying a feast at his expense!
Our flowers are doing nicely however. When I woke up Sunday morning my hibiscus tree had its first bloom of the season. A surprise Mother's Day gift! Later on I was admiring my potted Violas when I noticed that the flowers had a strange resemblance to a bulldogs face. I may be looking at it a bit too hard but I do see it!
Dinner was great as my husband barbecued and my son cleaned up and did the dishes. Ozzie cleaned his dish as well but that didn't take much doing! Back to Monday and Ozzie is exhausted from.....hmm I am not sure...but exhausted none the less and is catching up on his napping. Here's hoping all of you had a great Mother's Day too!


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