Monday, May 23, 2011

Ding Dong, its Ozzie Calling!

Another semi dreary weekend weather wise here in the metropolitan area. Rain and cool temps seem to dominate the scene but that's all I will complain about concerning the weather! It's nothing compared to the terrible tornadoes that have hit the likes of Missouri and other nearby areas.

Ozzie was very sociable the other day. He considers himself a good neighbor and especially enjoys the company of our next door neighbors Al and Clare. On Saturday we were sitting out on the front porch when Ozzie noticed that Al was home and had his granddaughters over for a visit. He approached his house and walked right up to his steps and settled in for a long visit. He even helped himself inside because he smelled popcorn that Clare was making for the girls. Ozzie is definitely not shy! As long as the Oz minds his manners I am sure he is always welcomed there.

( Hopefully the memories of Ozzie pooping on their carpet back in 09 are in the distant past)

We are off to get Ozzie his bath this afternoon (little does he know), he is starting to smell a bit grungy. I thought better to just keep it to myself until it's time to leave. We have to start the leaving process at least a half hour prior to departure time. Ozzie hates to go anywhere and getting him into the car is project. It is probably easier to launch the Space Shuttle than getting Ozzie to the groomers. Okay, maybe not that bad but its bad! Wish me luck!

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