Finally Friday and Memorial Day Weekend!

Ozzie had a visit from Bailey the other day who stopped by to rest after her long walk. Looks like Ozzie was trying to console her and convince her its better to just to sit on the porch like him! After Bailey left, Ozzie decided to take a snooze on the couch with his look-a-like stuffed friend Otto the bulldog. Ozzie likes him because he doesn't snore.

We are ready to kick off Memorial Day weekend. Wow how did that get here so fast! It seems just like yesterday I was kvetching about the snow and cold weather! I was pondering the true purpo
Linkse of celebrating Memorial Day. To honor all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It makes you proud and grateful to be an American when you think about it! Sometimes the purpose of the day gets lost in all the hubbub with cookouts and big bargains for shoppers at the malls.
Another active member of our armed forces should be taken into account on this day too! The U.S. Army had over 2800 dogs deployed into active duty with their human counterparts. They have become an important asset to the military and their numbers continue to grow as they prove themselves on the battlefields and in special ops!

Whatever you do this weekend have fun, be safe and remember those who gave their all!


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