I'm Gonna Wash tha Oz Right out of my Rugs!

Well our rugs are clean at last! Ozzie was very upset with the disorder of the house prior to the cleaning. He would not come down the stairs yesterday morning. I had to rattle his kibble around in his dish to give him the courage to come down and eat breakfast. We are finally rid of pet stains and odors! Though I was growing use to existing side by side with the unsightliness. The one stain in the living room sort of looked like a profile of Abe Lincoln! Oh well onto a clean slate, for now. ( I'm gonna miss Abe!)
Last night we returned all of the furniture to its original location. Ozzie has now gotten over his anxiety of things being out of place. All is better in the land of Oz! Have a great weekend!


  1. Some bulldogs really don't care much for change. Ozzie seems to be of that school.

    I liked your "Shar-grey" even better than my "Grey-pei" but I guess it works either way.

    wags, Lola

  2. Tyke and Pebbles do the same thing. When I move there crate for cleaning they hide.


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