Thunder Road and Sleepy Lane!

Last night a thunder storm rolled through the NY/NJ metro area. Maybe a little more than a thunderstorm since there were tornado warnings scrolling across the bottom of our TV. I can't remember seeing that in all my years living here! The storm came barreling in with a quite a bit of gusto! The lightening was vivid and the wind howled an unforgiving tune followed by copious amounts of rain. All during this tornadic event Ozzie slept blissfully. Snoring away with an occasional flinch he was unaffected. I guess I am lucky that he is undisturbed by it all. I know dogs that totally freak out and have to be sedated during a storm! I had a friend who had a Sheppard mix that got so panicky home alone during a storm that he busted through a screened window! I came across an article from the Humane Society that deals with tips on how to deal with dogs who have issues with thunder and lightening. There is some good information in it. For those who have dogs like Ozzie that prefer to sleep through such events consider yourselves lucky! Hm lets see what Ozzie is up to. Ozzie! Here boy! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Oh Oz there you go again!


  1. We heard the thunder here on Long Island but we didn't get much of a storm. I'm lucky like Ozzie and am not bothered. My little brother doesn't seem to be either. Maybe it's a breed thing. Blog Mom says the labs she used to have would freak out to the point where she worried they'd have a heart attack or something. They did finally have to sedate them because they were afraid for their health.

    wags, Lola


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