Wordless Wednesday Not!

Ozzie has now become the neighborhood ambassador. I believe he earned that title the other night. The story goes is that he was sitting on the front porch with his Pop as he usually does most evenings. This has become ritual since its too hot for him to walk and it allows him to get a dose of doggies passing by. This particular night he decided that he did not want to stay home so he got up from his prostrate position and waddled next store to our neighbors Al and Claire. My husband dutifully followed him over to their porch. Ozzie sat in front of their door until Claire came out. As she opened it Ozzie decided to go inside to give it the once over! Not a shy boy by no means! As my husband conversed with Claire her husband Al came out. Soon our neighbors down the block Tom and Pat where walking by with their dog Katie who is a cute as a button Yorkshire Terrier. They stopped to talk and join the evening soiree. I was inside cleaning up from our evening meal. I looked out to see where my husband and Ozzie had gone. Why it was a block party next store with everyone chatting and laughing. I joined the group and we where out there until lightening reared its ugly head and signaled an approaching storm. I never realized what a social butterfly Ozzie was! I so love summer when you can actually get out and get to know your neighbors instead of during the cold weather where all you get is the obligatory wave as one races from the car to their door! Keep it up Oz we need more sessions like that this summer!
I have attached a site that gives you some information concerning supplements to keep your pups immune system healthy. I found it very interesting. Of course if you have concerns about giving your dog supplements please consult your veterinarian first. I do give Ozzie yogurt which he adores and is great for the flora and fauna balance in his gut. Any way enjoy this Summer while you can its half way over..boo hoo!
PawLux.com:. a day in the life of an eco-dog: Sick As A Dog? Tips on Boosting Your Pets Immune System


  1. It takes a doggy to bring people together. Oh, what would they do without us?

    wags, Lola


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