To Pee or Not to Pee!

Mother nature took pity on us yesterday and delivered some rain to the area. More specifically to our back yard. Though we have a sprinkler system we were limited in its use and it didn't seem to make much difference anyway! I recall that during BB ( before bulldog ) it was a once a lush green oasis back there. Today it resembles Chernobyl, a vast wasteland! Okay maybe not that vast but a spotty green yard at best, with patches of amber and brown. Our July heat has had some help in its plan to destroy our lawn. Yes Ozzie has been its accomplice. He defies the leash and our walks. His urinal of choice is in the back yard. Though it is fenced and does afford him some modesty in doing his business. I will just have to learn to look over the fence into my neighbor's yard where the grass is always greener!


  1. Hey, how about that. Your back yard sounds just like ours. But if it makes you feel better our next door neighbor's yard is a lush, green carpet, even with the heat, and she has a huskie/shepherd mix that pees out there. Go figure.

    wags, Lola


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