Ozzie's Faux Poo !

What a beautiful weekend here in NJ we had! On Saturday we met a group of good friends in the city to stroll around the Village and have dinner at a Argentinian steakhouse. It was an all day event and since our son was not going to be home at all we had to arrange for our neighbors, Al and Clare to doggy sit Ozzie! Now they really like Oz and have watched him once before when we went to a wedding! I felt a little guilty about asking then to sit again but my husband assured me that they don't mind and would be happy to do it! So around 2:00 in the afternoon we brought him over with all his doggy paraphernalia. We thanked them profusely and made a quick exit while Ozzie was distracted! The plan was for then to have him until around 9:00 PM when they would drop him off home and we would arrive shortly after! Well we got home and everything seemed to go as planned. Ozzie was waiting for us shaking his little rear in bulldog glee! There was a little pee pee on our oriental rug but we have now resigned that this happens when we go out. ( Time to buy wee wee pads! ) I went out on Sunday and wanted to get them something to show our appreciation. I got them a gift card to the local Chilli's figuring going out for a bite to eat is always enjoyable. I went over there with thank-you card in hand and rang the bell. Clare answered and I asked her how it went for them yesterday. She replied that Ozzie may have worn out his welcome! "oh no" I gasped, "Did he pee on your floor?" " No worst!" she said " he pooped in my dining room!" They ran out for a short moment to her daughter's house. They wanted to bring their granddaughters over to play with Ozzie. I bet that was a nice surprise to come home to! I apologized profusely for the mess my dog made as I handed the card to them. " You didn't have to do that" said Clare. Oh yes I did, especially now that I know my dog relieved himself of number 2 on your carpet! I walked home my head hung in shame! When I got in the house I shouted to my husband " Guess what your dog did! " "Yikes he did not!" was his reply after he heard the ugly news! "Yes and now we will either never leave him alone for more than a hour or have to find new doggy sitters that don't mind the occasional dog doo disaster! In all this Ozzie laid on the floor, head tucked in between his paws trying not to look at either one of us! Ozzie has to know this is not a way to influence people or make friends. Maybe in the dog world this is an acceptable practice and maybe a compliment of sorts. In the human world this just doesn't fly! Oh Ozzie why do you do the things you doo-doo!


  1. Oh that's grand, perhaps a doggie depends for the duration your gone next time ?


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