The Pirate and the Wolfman

Monday morning finds me reeling from my weekend sugar high. Just like a methadone program for heroine addicts I am stepping down and eating only one bag of Raisinets for breakfast! Halloween was fun with unseasonably warm temperatures near 70 degrees! Ozzie had a blast giving out candy to the kiddies! He was dressed up as a pirate, we called him Captain Le Woof! The pirate hat lasted about 5 seconds, definitely too small for his big head! Though he finally surrendered to wearing the cape which made him look very dashing! Parents delighted at taking pictures of the Oz with their kids! ( maybe I should charge them next year..hmmmm?! ) I think on Sunday Ozzie was wondering were all the kids went as paced back and forth by the front door?! My husband didn't really dress up but insisted on wearing his pumpkin beret! He looked like a homeless man with a pumpkin on his head. Good look dear! Though I must say if we were giving out prizes for best family costume it has to go to my son Will. He purchased a Wolf-man makeup kit from a local year round costume store called "Fun Ghouls". He was down in his room for 2 hours applying the makeup. When he came upstairs I gasped! I barely recognize him! It was Lon Chaney Jr reincarnate! Ozzie thought Will was his long lost brother! Any how on to the next holiday. That would be Thanksgiving but it seems the stores have forgotten about it totally and have fast forwarded to Christmas! I don't even want to think about Christmas shopping yet but if I was smart I would! Well for now let me think about what to do with all this leftover candy first. I should insist that my husband take it in to his office for all his co-workers (maybe except for the Raisinets! ) Well let me continue to think about it!


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