King of the Couch

This is the usual routine for us here at the Ozzie residence. I take the couch cushions off so I can get in there with the vacuum and clean up the piles of dog hair left behind from our favorite canine. Ozzie in much anticipation to get back on his beloved couch cannot wait and sits there, sans cushions! In the process of this he leaves more hair behind for me to pick up! Thanks Oz!

P.S. For those of you wondering what Ozzie wore for Halloween, it wasn't much. With the snow and all I just didn't feel in the mood and neither did Ozzie. He ended up wearing a dog-bone patterned bandana and anxiously answered the door each time the kids rang for trick-or-treat. The kids were so thrilled that a bulldog answered the door and supervised the candy being doled out that it didn't matter much what he wore!


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