Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eat or not to Eat!

Please don't eat the daisies!

Since the holidays are on the horizon and we are going to have all sorts of goodies in the pantry I thought it may be a good time to review all things food that are not good for our doggies.

I know Ozzie likes to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables (variety is the spice of life!) but there are some things that fall in this category that are no-no's. You most likely know of the dangers of grapes and raisins, they can be toxic to your dog and onions and garlic can damage red blood cells and cause anemia. ( Onion being the bigger offender of the two.)
As far as turkey goes, never give cooked bones from a turkey to your pet, they can splinter and cause severe damage to their intestinal track. As far as that yummy crispy skin from the bird do not be tempted to offer that because that causes acute pancreatitis and at the very least will upset his tummy!

I have attached a link that gives a list of items to avoid. In the meanwhile I have to a make more Thanksgiving meatballs for Oz since his Grandpa finished off his for lunch the other day!

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