Catch That Labrador!

Phew! What a very exciting morning in the neighborhood! I had noticed a lot of commotion outside in front of our house as I sat at my desk. I then saw kids chasing after something down the street. It was a big brown lab galloping along Cleveland Ave! As the kids left for school the dog made his mad escape out the front door! I went outside to see what I could do. With doggie treat in hand I made my way towards the wily young pup. I approached him slowly and he ran to me. Yikes this dog was big at least 90 pounds and jumped up at me in uncontrollable, slobbering puppy like enthusiasm! I managed to hang onto his collar as a neighbor of mine lured him with her unwilling beagle who was just trying to do his business. He followed her for several steps than took off in the other direction towards the Boulevard! I ran home to get my car keys to follow the runaway pooch. As I circled the block I saw the kids and they pointed down the block. I went to the main street hoping not to find a doggy disaster when I saw a police car. I pulled up to him and excitedly told him about the wandering Lab. Then I noticed him sitting in the back seat of the car. The cop was way ahead of me and was on his way to return him to his owner.
When I get back to the house, Ozzie was comfortably snoring away enjoying his morning nap on the couch. I knew what Ozzie was thinking, "Dumb a-- dog!" I have to agree!


  1. hahaha yes Oz is right dumb dog, why leave the comforts of home....


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