Cyber Bulldog Monday

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us we are back to routine! With that brings the excitement of the Christmas season. It was so warm this weekend we put up our Christmas lights so to avoid doing it next week when the weather reverts back to its normal cold self!

Ozzie enjoyed the weather that enabled him to sit on the front porch and bathe in the sun's warmth. Everybody that walked by stop to pet him and he just gobbled up all the attention! (Pardon the turkey pun!)

Speaking of the Christmas season, today is Cyber Monday. The day when many folks get great deals online and put a dent in their holiday shopping. Not a bad idea to sit at home and press a few buttons to buy presents versus trying to find a parking spot at the mall that doesn't require a two mile hike to the entrance! I am still not sure who wants what and I really have to get with the program and become a motivated shopper!

Here are a few sites to do some shopping for our furry friends. Hope you all get some great deals without ever changing out of your pajamas today! Unless you are at work, then it would be a good idea to get dressed!


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