Monday, November 7, 2011

Messy Monday and Poo on my Shoe

Ozzie went visiting this weekend to see his buddies Harley and Tank. It's been a while since he has been there, ( last summer?) and I think Harley may have forgotten about him and was a little leery of the Oz. Let's face it, if you never see any other dogs other than your Labradoodle brother and all of a sudden this flat faced dog built like a fire hydrant shows up at your door it can be kind of frightening. Especially if you are only a 12 pound Pomeranian-Chihuahua. Ozzie just wanted to play so he chased Harley around who was not liking it one bit! Tank stepped in to bark at Ozzie to stop like the good big brother he is. They seemed to work things out in their own canine fashion and the boys were all "chillin" together at the end of the evening.

I found out the leaves on the ground in our yard make the perfect camouflage for poop! It becomes a game of sorts where you are challenged to find the hidden kabobs. I definitely lost the game the other day when I thought I knew the exact location of Ozzie's morning constitutional. I walked back into the garage and found a very unpleasant surprise on the bottom of my shoe! Perhaps this is a game all dog owners are playing at the moment. Inspiration to keep up with cleaning the yard of dog doo I suppose. Though I swore I heard Ozzie snickering when I discovered the mess on my shoe! Watch were you step and have a great day!

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