Happy Thanksgiving!

Count down to T-Day! I suspect a lot of folks have last minute rushing around to either get ready for Thanksgiving dinner or travel to grandma's house. I tried to get Ozzie into the holiday spirit with a turkey hat I bought from the Christmas Store but he really wasn't digging it at all! "Give me the real stuff, not some dumb turkey hat!" he protested.

Speaking of protesting I really am not happy with the idea of stores opening up on Thanksgiving evening. It takes away from the sprit of the holiday. Thanksgiving is not about shopping for cheap gadgets and gotta have toys, its about celebrating gratitude for what we have and the friends and family that join us on that day. Once again, corporate America has cheapened the meaning of the holidays. Though I suppose there are those people who validate their philosophy and will line up out there at midnight when the doors open to get that great deal, whatever it may be!

Please remember to watch your pets and make sure that Uncle Billy doesn't feed them anything he shouldn't and also to think of those animals in shelters and make a donation to those who really are in need.

Below is link from the ASPCA giving you safety tips for your pets during the Thanksgiving holiday, and from Ozzie and our family to yours...Happy Thanksgiving!


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