Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Howl-o-Ween!

We are starting off our day with snow covered ground and freezing temps. No it's not Christmas time but Halloween! Who would of thought we would get 5 inches of snow the weekend before Halloween? The trees have barely changed color and now they have been assaulted by wind and snow, the likes of mid-January! Many trees in our neighborhood have broken branches from the weight of the snow on the leafed limbs! That has also resulted in power outages all over. We were lucky enough to of been spared unlike some of our neighbors who have no power until at least Wednesday of this week!

I wonder how this will affect the trick or treaters later on this afternoon? It's suppose to be in the 50's today so it shouldn't be cold. Just a strange juxtaposition to see costumed kids against a snowy back ground! I am just going to throw Ozzie's pirate cape on him and say he is Prince of the Bulldogs, since he looks so regal in it! I am not sure Oz will cooperate at this point but it's my best shot. As far as dressing up your pet it's probably not recommended unless your doggie is a real diva and enjoys it. I think most dogs are like Ozzie and rather go au natural!

Have a great fun filled Halloween!

Here are some safety tips below from the Humane Society for our pets.

  • Keep pets safely inside, away from trick-or-treaters and other Halloween activities to ensure they don't become frightened or feel threatened at the sight of noisy, costumed children
  • Cats, especially black ones, may be the target of pranksters. Black cat owners are advised to keep their cats safely indoors during the Halloween season
  • Frequently opened doors provide a perfect opportunity for escape, which can go unnoticed during all the commotion. Consider keeping your cat in a separate room with the door closed. For dogs, preventing access to the door can be as simple as keeping them attached to a leash, putting them in crates or confining them to another room with baby gates. Be sure all pets wear collars with ID tags in case of accidental escape. Of course, microchipping your pet is the best way to ensure your pet's return should he escape
  • Keep candy out of your pet's reach. Candy can be harmful to pets and chocolate is toxic and potentially life-threatening to cats, dogs and ferrets
  • Keep pets away from decorations. Flames in jack-o-lanterns and candles can quickly singe, burn or set fire to a pet's fur. Pets can become tangled in hanging decorations like streamers and can choke on some decorations if they chew on them
  • Resist the urge to put your furry friend in a costume. Most pets dislike the confinement of costumes and masks. A printed bandanna or fun collar can be just as cute and often more comfortable for your pet
  • Don't bring the family dog along for trick-or-treating. Dogs may become difficult to handle during the noise and confusion of the festivities. A lost dog bite will quickly end your Halloween fun

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