Finally Friday and Where's the Grub?!

Hurry up with the cookies, I'm hungry..again!

Still getting over this cold but I'm feeling a lot better. I think I gave it to Ozzie's pop, oh well so it goes! I ordered Ozzie's dog food from the vet on Monday and when they got it in I ran over there on Tuesday. When I received the food at the reception area I knew right away it was the wrong kind. The box had a red background and it wasn't the same diet formula. Ozzie has been on the Hill's Prescription diet Therapeutic Weight Reduction for a few months now. He has lost 7 pounds and is looking fit and trim! ( well at least for Ozzie) It comes in pre-measured packets and so it's is a no brainer in terms of portion control. You can only get this through your veterinarian. They corrected the order and now I am waiting for it to come in.

In the meanwhile I ran out of food for Oz so I picked up at the local grocery store a small bag of
Rachel Ray's Nutrish. It is all natural and though not a diet formula the chicken variety has chicken listed as its first ingredient. Figuring that since a portion of the proceeds go to animal rescues I felt good about it. Ozzie seemed to like it but then again he doesn't have the most discriminating taste. He likes everything! Not to say it tastes bad , it looks and smells good! If I were a dog I would go for it!

Speaking of going for it I have a recipe that is Fall appropriate for this weekend. It is for Cinnamon Pumpkin Dog Cookies. I haven't made them yet myself but I am going to give them a try. Here is the recipe in case you want to do some baking for your pup.


2 1/2 cups of wholewheat flour 1 1/4 cups of pumpkin puree ( do not get the pumpkin filling variety it has sugar in it ) 1/4 cup of crunchy peanut butter 3/4 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/4 cup water ( to adjust the consistency of your dough)

Mix ingredients in a bowl or in a food processor using the dough blade Roll out dough with a rolling pin until its 1/4 thick. Using the cookie cutter of your choice, cut out the cookies. Place cookies on a greased sheet or use parchment paper to line your baking sheets. Bake them in a pre-heated oven for one hour at 275 degrees F. The dog cookies should be slightly browned. Let the cookies cool before giving them to your favorite pooch!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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