Sherpa Madness

As I type away Ozzie is taking his morning nap on the floor, not the new Sherpa mat I bought him yesterday! I went to the Christmas Tree Shop because I spied in their flyer Sherpa Pet Mats on sale for 16.99. I thought this was a decent price and I have been looking at them for Ozzie versus a bed. Ozzie has had beds in the past only to pee on them and have them end up in the trash. The Sherpa mat seems more practical since its easily thrown in the washer if there should be an accident.

The Christmas Tree Shop should be called The China Tree Shop. There is not one thing on sale there that is not from China. It reminds me of the challenge ABC news gave a family to go out and furnish and replace everything in their house that was made in China with goods made here in the USA. It was tough to do and I see why. Anyway I have deviated from the subject. Ozzie seemed to like it at first. He even took an hour and a half nap on it. But this morning he has returned to the floor in the office totally ignoring the Sherpa. Maybe its because that is where he usually naps in the AM and he is a creature of habit. Hopefully he will use the mat and it won't end up in the attic somewhere under the cat carrier. (Yes I use to have a kitty, for 16 years!)

A week ago Ozzie had his bath and nails done and he seems to have reverted back to his bulldog odor! I know if he didn't have that bath it would be far worse but it just seems that for the price of the groomer it should last a little longer! I guess to Ozzie he smells just fine and has no idea why his humans wrinkle up their noses at him. Ah...smelly dog bliss!


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