Flea is a Crowd - Mike Rowe, Chuck and a Flea

Ozzie and I have been invited by Norvartis Animal Health to check out their latest product for flea and heartworm protection, Sentinel Flavor tabs.

Even though the cooler weather has arrived there are still fleas that lurk outdoors and we must continue to give our dogs protection against the nasty buggers. Not only do they make our pets miserable but they invade our homes, hiding in bedding, carpets, furniture and even the floorboards of your home. Following are some revolting flea facts:
  • Adult fleas represent just 5% of the flea festation-the other 95% are the egss, maggot like larve and pupae hiding in your home. (Yuck)
  • A female flea can lay 50 eggs every day-as many as 2000 eggs in her two to three month life cycle. (busy little fleas aren't they?)
  • Larvae are repelled by light and burrow into the carpet, fabric, cracks and crevices (Ewwh)
Sentinel has enlisted the nations most experienced authority on dirty situations, Mike Rowe the host of The Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" to lead the campaign to educate the public about fleas. Mike is experienced with all things messy is no stranger to bugs. "I've been biten by just about evey parasite on the planet." he said. "Bed bugs, lice, ticks, leaches...I even had a tapeworm for a while."

Mike has made a series of videos for the campaign with his best friend Chuck, a Burmese Mountain dog who gives us advice on flea and tick control. Chuck by the way talks and is 6 feet tall but you will see for yourself! Ozzie finds the videos amusing but thinks that Mike's dog Chuck is too much of a neat freak.

Sentinel Flavor Tabs are only available through your vet and your dog must be tested for heartworm before medication is administered.


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