Smile and Say Cheese...Then Eat It!

Cheese! Ok I said it, now give me some Provolone!

I found what I believe is to be a good deal on Barking It's for Flavor Tek Dental Spray for dogs. It's all natural and not only does it give your pup better smelling breath, it helps combat tartar and keeps gums healthy. ( So they say! ) It's on sale for 13.99 for a 4 oz spray bottle, regularly 39.99 with free shipping. The offer is good for only 4 days so if your interested you best get shopping. I am going to try the product on Ozzie and report the results. Brushing his teeth is challenging at best and he is not the most cooperative dog when it comes to brushing. He constantly is trying to eat the dog toothpaste, usually chicken flavored, as if it was some pate appetizer I am serving him. Not that I will stop the brushing but this spray may make my life easier and Ozzie's breath fresher!


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