Finally Friday and Dogs Don't Catch Colds!

Unfortunately I have come down with whatever head cold that has been going around of late. You know... sore throat, runny nose, headache the whole enchilada! Ozzie just looks at me with his head tilted as if to say "What's up with you Ma?" I guess that is the most sympathy I will get from him. Dogs don't catch colds from their humans so he is the only one who will allow me to get close. Everyone else in my family is treating me like Typhoid Mary! Well avoid me as you's only a matter of time ma famille!

There are a lot of long faces in the NY/NY tri-state area this morning. The Yankees lost to the Tigers 3 to 2 last night. No World Series this year Yankee fans! Probably the most disappointed person is Jorege Posada. This was likely his last season in pinstripes. At least he leaves the team with plenty of World Series rings in his pocket.
The weather looks to be sunny and warm for the weekend, a little bit of Indian Summer perhaps and we look forward to taking Ozzie to the park with the fish pond. Not that Ozzie is looking forward to it. I am sure he rather just sun himself on the deck.

I will leave you with this website of some bulldog art, and who doesn't like that? The artist is Susan Tantlinger and she does some wonderful portraits of bulldogs. They really are fantastic! I wish I could paint like that! Well, lets face it, the only thing I have painted lately is the kitchen!

Enjoy the weekend all! Right Oz? Oz? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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