Chew Bully, Chew!

Just a chew between your cheek and paw will do ya!

Dogs love to chew. It's part of their genetic makeup. Bulldogs are intense chewers that require some real sturdy chew toys to keep them satisfied. Ozzie's favorite are his assortment of nylabones which are durable plastic bones that he will gnaw on very happily for hours. I never experienced him chewing on any of my shoes or other possessions other than a cardboard box or two. (He enjoys cardboard for some reason?!) Of course there are always bullie sticks but they are more of an outside chew, since they often result in a stinky slobbering mess!

The other night I was watching one of my favorite shows, Modern Family, where husband and wife Jay and Gloria, now have a French Bulldog named Stella. Jay spoils Stella silly and Stella loves to chew on all of Gloria's shoes and clothes. Of course Gloria is very upset by this behavior and blames it on Jay's lack of discipline with the dog. In this clip Gloria has had enough and tries to turn the tables with Stella's choice of items to munch on.

Stella is a cute Frenchie! I am sure when she isn't on the set she only chews on her own toys! What do you think Oz? "Arf!" Hmm you're not that sure are you Oz?


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