Limping Along and Petition for Pups

I love fish oil pills, as long as they are wrapped in cheese!

Ozzie has been limping slightly once again. I am not sure if its from lying on the wood floor or maybe from rough housing with his pop. He is limping with his front legs and I think its stems from his big shoulders. Lets face it, English bulldogs are orthopedically challenged! I started giving Ozzie some fish oil pills this weekend and I am not sure if its coincidence or not but his limping has alleviated somewhat.

Fish oil for dogs has been promoted as an anti-inflammatory helping everything from skin conditions, arthritis to kidney disease. If it's so good for humans why not dogs too? I am going to continue to give it to him this week and see how he does. Almost 2 years ago he was limping and when we took him to the vet they prescribed Rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory. It made him (pardon the pun) sick as a dog. He ended up over night in the vets hooked up to IV's since he was dehydrated from vomiting and a bad case of diarrhea. So I rather go the holistic route first.

In the meantime I wanted to put this website on my post today. I received it from the Humane Society. It is a petition to President Obama to crack down on the puppy mills and selling dogs on line. There are some loop holes in regulations that they use to continue this inhumane treatment of dogs that they profit from! Lets try to put an end to puppy mills in our life time! Please sign this petition and get active in promoting laws that can end their suffering! Ozzie and his friends thank you!


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