Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sit Ozzie ...Please!

Ozzie is still recovering from the holidays! We had friends and family over and tons of food. Uncle Freddie held back a bit and didn't feed Ozzie any banana cream pie this time! We also had a canine guest this year. My brother's girlfriend, Bonnie, brought along her miniature Australian Shepherd, Rosie. She is a very intelligent dog and understands a whole slew of commands! Bonnie trains and shows dogs with Rosie being her pride and joy! Ozzie was friendly towards Rosie but didn't seem too impressed by her litany of tricks.
After all Ozzie does know "sit" and "paw" but didn't care to show off.
This is how it goes, the difference between a mini Aussie Shepherd and an English Bulldog following commands:

"Roll over Rosie!"

"Here you go, was that good enough? I will do it again if you want!"

"Roll over Ozzie!"

"What? Roll over? Let me think about that and get back to you. I don't normally do that unless I have just finished my nap. My people will call your people."

You gotta love that bulldog attitude!

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