Monday, December 19, 2011

Seasonal Tummy Woes for the Oz

The holiday season has kicked off with a bang or should I say with a yak! "Yak" as in throwing up! Ozzie was apparently the victim of some" not meant for dogs" holiday food or a good ole stomach virus since last night!

Poor Oz, I didn't even realize he was sick last night. When I took him out in the morning I saw the evidence in the yard. When I got back inside the "evidence" was also on my rug. A couple of hours later he was looking to go outside again and just as I let him out he threw up all over the deck!

I called the vet and they told me to bring him right in. Ozzie was not a happy camper to say the least when I tried to get him in the car to go to the vets! When we there Dr Tracey examined him, feeling his gut and listening to his heart. All seemed right on that front but she recommended giving him some fluids under his skin ( subcutaneously) to aid in re-hydrating him and some meds for his stomach. When the 2 vet technicians came in with needle in hand Ozzie made a dash for underneath the examining table. They tried to get him to cooperate but he was having no part of getting stuck! Then they decided to take him in the back where they do all the testing since it's an open space. Maybe he wouldn't feel so cornered.
They came back 10 minutes later, successful, and Ozzie had a big water hump between his shoulders. Dr Tracey also warned me if I found him vomiting and retching away and nothing being produced that it could be signs of bloat. That is a potentially serious problem where the stomach actually twists and could become fatal if not treated right away! (Bulldogs are predisposed to this) She then told me to keep an eye on him and gave us some Pepcid for him to take at home and call her in the morning.
The Oz was sure glad to get out of there and when we arrived home he nibbled on grass for 40 minutes in the yard! He is sleeping right now ( thank goodness ) and he will be getting white rice and boiled chicken for dinner!

So as the lesson of the day goes, watch your dog around holiday parties and make sure they aren't sneaking snicker doodles on the sly.

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