Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Clean Start

There is a particular bulldog I know that is smelling a bit better these days. That bulldog would be Ozzie after his much needed bath. We went back to Petsmart this time. They are a little bit cheaper than the local groomer and I thought with the money I saved I could get Ozzie a toy or treat of some kind. Of course as usual once we were there he had to be dragged into the back where the bathing takes place. I felt bad after I laughed at the bulldog butt that was holding onto the tile floor for dear life as he was lead to the door. It was a funny looking sight but I am sure not too funny to the Oz.
When I returned a couple of hours later he was beaming. All nicely coifed he didn't want to leave the groomer, Judy's side. She said it must of been the California massage that he received. Hey who wouldn't want to go after that?! We had to lure him out of the groomers room with a biscuit. From there he marched directly to check out clerk where he knew there were more treats to be had. Who wouldn't leave there until he received his fair share of biscuits. If Ozzie could reach the register he would probably get a job there no problem!

Today Ozzie is just going to rest and take it easy after his ordeal at the groomers. Hey it's not easy on a guy to have to be groomed and massaged all day long!

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