Down Wind Wednesday

At your own risk!

I think Ozzie is feeling a bit better today. Though I feel the chicken and rice diet along with the Pepcid has created a new problem. Ozzie is a bit constipated and has really awful gas. Not that having gas is unusual for bulldogs. They are prolific producers of farts. This bout of gas is exceptional and constant.

Perhaps a little fiber will help. I will try giving Ozzie some canned pumpkin later on. (Not the one for pie filling but the plain pumpkin puree.) In the meantime we have a lot of holiday candles that have some wonderful scents. Perhaps they will mask the noxious fumes coming from Oz's bulldog butt!

In the meanwhile check out this Youtube video of one doggie who knocks over the family Christmas tree. Bet he ends up with coal in his stocking after this fiasco!


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