Finally Friday or Say it Ain't Snow!

Yes I realize it's useless to complain at this point! So another 18 inches of snow ...yea! I must admit that it looked pretty after the sun came out and everything was covered with a fresh white blanket of new snow. Then the shoveling began! Not pretty! Though with all this shoveling I am building up my triceps quite nicely!
Ozzie just doesn't know where to go to do his business with all of the mounds of snow in our tiny back yard. I have been negligent in my poop pick up duties ( ha doodies! ) and now I will have to wait for the Spring thaw to pick up what is lurking under the layers of winter's fury!
Since the weekend calls for some flurries and continued cold weather it might be refreshing to go to a nice dinner with friends and enjoy a bottle of wine. I have found a website titled "A Dog's Life" that not only carries dog goodies but human goodies as well. Everything can be customized with your dog's (or cat's) picture on the labels. I was interested in the wine where you can order a Cabernet or a Chardonnay labeled with your pup's photo. I was thinking Ozzie's mug would make a good label for a nice hardy Zinfandel. Wouldn't it be the height of sheik to whip out a bottle of wine with your Fido on the front?!
Here is hoping that you all have a warm and wonderful weekend!



  1. cute, sweet comment about unc. prior post, chili and me "not perfect together" lol......... Mark


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