Is this Winter "Fur" Real?

As I write this post big fluffy flakes are falling from the sky. I would usually admire the beauty of the moment but since this winter we have had more than our fair share of it I will pass! Yesterday temperatures were in the single digits to start off with and then hovered in the teens for the rest of the day. If the cold wasn't bad enough we woke up to discover that the pipes in our basement bathroom froze over! That was a first! We have lived in this house for six years and have never experienced that! I guess it just has never been this cold before. Brrrr, global warming my foot! Ozzie doesn't complain about the cold, though it makes him do his business in the back yard a bit faster than usual! Yesterday he actually sprinted back in after he completed his morning constitutional! I guess unless you live in Florida it's hard to think warm thoughts! Hang in there all!


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