Finally Friday!

Did you ever have one of those mornings when nothing went right? Yes indeed that is what happened to me this fine morning! First it was Mr Coffee that did not cooperate. Apparently it wasn't situated in its exact spot under the brew hole ( I just made that up, not sure what the technical term is for that)! I walked into the kitchen to find coffee and coffee grounds all over the counter and the floor. The kicker for me was that my husband was in the kitchen making his lunch at the time and didn't notice anything amiss! Was that on purpose or just coffee maker ignorance?! Arrgh! After mopping the mess and feeding the Oz I settled down to enjoy my newspaper ( which was wet with coffee! ) I had given Ozzie his bullystick and he started happily chomping on it. I then was alerted by choking sounds in the living room to find that Ozzie had gagged himself on the bullystick and threw up his breakfast on the rug! Ugh! Not to go unmentioned yet another round of snow outside! Ah truly the winter of my discontent!
Why can't I be more like Ozzie! Nothing gets him upset! He is the master of cool! Except when it comes to my son Will, who lately has been the subject of Ozzie's misdirected aggression, but that is a story for another day. I still have another round of cleaning on the rug to get the smell out thoroughly. Here is hoping you all have a better weekend than my morning!


  1. I think we doggies can stay cool, calm and collected because we don't have to clean up the coffee, the pukies or go to work. That definitely helps keep the stress level down. I hope you don't have any more mornings like this one was.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  2. Oz it looks like you are the coolest dude with your BAD TO THE BONE collar!


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