Finally Friday or Dog vs Snow!

This week winter has displayed itself in its full glory! More snow on Tuesday brought us another 9 inches of the white stuff and the temps since then have been hovering below freezing! As I yearn for Spring Ozzie has taken a liking to the weather! He has his own method of getting around in the snow. He is like a canine plow in the stuff! I call him the "Bulldozer"! Here are some pictures of him blazing a trail in the backyard!

Besides enjoying winter sports, Ozzie is looking forward to the playoffs this weekend. He will be rooting for the Jets and hunkering down in front of the TV with his favorite beer, Red Dog. The dog on the can bears a strange resemblance to the Oz! Actually Ozzie doesn't drink the stuff. He is waiting till they come out with a light calorie version of it.

Until then (Spring that is!) everyone stay warm and enjoy the football this weekend!


  1. Zoe sez that's called bulldoze noze :) We have 10" of the white stuff too!


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