Snow, Hail , Snain and Rain

Well I think I have the weather covered with the title of this post! The tri-state area again is hit with layers of winter precipitation that is leaving everyone weary! Except maybe for Ozzie who always looks at it as a fresh start to create more yellow snow!

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce a new line of homemade healthy treats and dog food made by our friends Monty and Patrick. As you may recall they were Ozzie's foster family for a short while when we adopted him. They have a pack of pups of their own that have become their discerning food testers for a wonderful selection of top notch foods for dogs. ( That is them in the photo, Rocky and Adrienne are the pugs, Ruby the English Bulldog and Frankie the Frenchie. Too cute! )
Take a moment to visit their website and check them out! You will be delighted to see they offer a variety of treats that have human grade ingredients and many wheat/gluten free options!
I know Ozzie will be gobbling threw what we have left and we will be ordering more!

Drive safe everyone and pray for Spring!


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