Pet Peeves -Toys Going Au Natural!

I haven't posted a pet peeves piece in a while. Not that there hasn't been annoyances in life as of late, just none worth reporting. I feel that since you are all dog lovers out there (some cat lovers too) and are consumers of pet toys that you might be interested in this. I purchased a toy yesterday from Petco for the Oz. I was attracted to it because it was made out of "natural" materials. The fabric was 100 % cotton and the rope was 100 % sisal. What is sisal you say?! I was unsure of it what the heck it was until I looked it up. Wikipedia defines it as a stiff fiber derived from an agave plant that is used in making rope and twine. So with that being said I considered it a eco- friendly pet toy choice while appearing to be sturdy in construction. I brought it home to my playful pup. He and his dad played with it for a total of 5 minutes until it was destroyed. What the heck?! I usually get at least a week or two out of these toys! Disappointed I examined the remains and reached for the packaging it came in. The product was produced by Planet Petco, made with sustainable natural resources, no added chemicals or dyes. Even the packaging was made from 80 recycled paper. With all this effort to be a natural rustic toy how could they have gone so wrong? I examined the package more closely. I soon found some explanation. On the bottom in tiny print was the words "Made in China". figures.! As soon as this weather clears up ( maybe in April sometime) I will go back to the Petco and return this item. I will also let them know that perhaps they should first test their natural products with natural dogs.


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