Those April Showers!

That weekend went fast! We had mo' rain over the weekend that left our basement with some water and more in the forecast this week! I think we have had enough, thank you Mother Nature! Ozzie's weekend was fill of fun ...well fun for Ozzie with a new toy! It works out great for a bulldog ergonomically speaking since he can pick it up easily with that big bullie mouth of his! It gave him at least 15 minutes of activity until he tired of it. I consider that a winner! (Purchased in Stop &Shop in the pet aisle 4.99)
Today is April 18th Tax day. The government gave us a reprieve from the usual 15th due date since that is Emancipation Day, a holiday in DC. I have to go to the Post Office and more than likely stand on line with the rest of the folks holding out until today! Ozzie doesn't worry about taxes he leaves that to his humans. The only thing taxing in Oz' s life is getting from his food dish to the couch!


  1. Oh, you get water in your basement, too? We got some, too. First time in a while. I'm glad that Ozzie has such a cool new toy!


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