Spring has Sprung!

I am ready for my close up Mr DeMille!

Oh joy Spring is here and it's also hair! The shedding factor seems to have stepped up a bit but I will deal with it as long as the snow is gone and the weather has inched up over the freezing mark! Time to get some more flea and tick protection from the vet. The warmer weather will also create extra wrinkle patrol. I clean his face diligently at least 2 or 3 times a day. Every time I take out the box of baby wipes he heads in the opposite direction but eventually succumbs to the wipe! I also have been giving Ozzie a fish oil supplement hoping that will help maintain a healthier coat and skin. Honestly I give him fish oil from the Vitamin Shoppe which are not the supplements from the vets but I feel if they are good enough for me and they are basically the same thing!
Yesterday Ozzie spent most of his time out on the deck lounging and supervised while I cleaned up the remnants of last falls mums that were still in the deck's flower boxes and planted a few pansies that will stand up to the cool nights. We are looking forward to firing up the grill soon and having a few burgers. Ozzie is all for that .....right Oz...Ozzie ....ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....oops time for another nap!


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