Beautiful Bullies

Ozzie's Best Glamour Shot!
Lucy Brown the Winner!
Oh the sun is shining and everything is blooming...aachoo! Oh well a small price to pay for some wonderful weather. We had a delightful Easter with a full house of friends and family on Sunday. Ozzie is still exhausted from all the activity!
Over the weekend there was the Des Moines Iowa 32nd Annual Most Beautiful Bulldog contest . The contest is limited to only 50 canines and they are selected by lottery. This years winner was Lucy Brown. She sported a white sweater with pearls and a blue Poodle skirt. She was the winner hands down with Vincent da Mobster as runner up. I am sure if Ozzie had a chance at it he would come up a winner! Though I suppose we all think that our bulldogs are the most beautiful dogs and each one is a winner! Ozzie is not very competitive and could care less about contests. He feels comfortable just being Ozzie. Which is part of just being very cool I suppose!

I ran out yesterday to pick up some flea and tick application from the vet. Its that time of year again and with the extra wet weather the tick population is just loving it!

Other than that it's life as usual and the Oz is working on his morning nap. Till next time...zzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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