Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally Friday and Bulldog Pizza Night

"Gak! What the heck was that!?"

So we reached the end of another week and it looks to be a somewhat decent weekend weather wise! Yea! We have been working on Ozzie's calorie intake and I tried steaming some sugar snap beans as a supplemental treat! I offered one to him and he swooshed it about in his big bullie mouth and predictably spitted it out! The sound he made was something like "gak"! Oh well back to the drawing board!
Friday is pizza night and that means Ozzie will be begging for some leftover pizza crust. I pray we will all be strong and ignore his whining. Actually its more like a low pitch growl that he makes while sitting underneath the table. My bet is that his Dad will cave in first and give him a morsel or two. We will catch you all on the flip side of the weekend. Ciao all!

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  1. So did daddy or mommy give in first to howling or talking of the baby... Hehehe