Finally Friday and Return of the Stink Bugs

There it is crawling up the bathroom curtains! Slowly lumbering in the lavatory! Eek! The Spring has ushered the return of the dreaded Stink Bug! I know better than to squash one of these bad boys of bug-dom. They give off a malodorous scent when stressed or smushed! Now Ozzie is an expert on stinky. He is currently 3 weeks away from his last bath and starting to give these bugs some competition. I manage to deal with them both though as I am ready to call the groomer to make Ozzie an appointment and capturing and relocating the latest SB visitor. Quite honestly I am not sure how the Stink Bug smells since I am too faint of heart to kill one or stress it out. I heard a reporter on TV describe the scent as an overpowering cilantro smell. Which doesn't seem bad compared to when Ozzie gets he stink on and smells more like cheese left out in the sun to rot! Have a great weekend all and watch where you step!


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