Finally Friday and Earth Day!

Ozzie reducing his carbon pawprint!

Today along with being Good Friday is also Earth Day. I thought I would explore the ways we can be more "green" dog owners and there by more eco friendly to our environment. I discovered that a medium size dog has more of an impact on our environment than driving a luxury SUV 10,000 miles! A medium size pooch consumes 360 pounds of meat annually. While the average American consumes only 200 pounds. (Only, that seems like a lot of meat!) Dogs are large carnivores so they take a lot of land to provide their food. Honestly I just thought that Ozzie's output was more problematic to our environment at large than anything else! Here are some steps we can take to be more green when it comes to our canine pals.
  • Spay or neuter. That should be a given for many reasons!
  • Use biodegradable pet waste bags or compost poop. ( I must admit I ran out of the bio bags and have been using the bags the daily paper comes in. I will correct this! )
  • Adopt from shelters or rescues versus buying your pet.
  • Look to buy eco- friendly accessories made from natural materials.
  • Buy dog food that uses organic ingredients or use brands that are made locally (shipping is taxing on the environment) You can also make your own dog food.

I suppose we can all do something to reduce our ecological paw-prints!
Stay green and a Happy Easter!


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