What I Learn From My Dog

In the news today a 48 year old woman dropped her bag onto the tracks of a New York subway. Seeing no other option ( I guess?) she jumped onto the tracks to retrieve it. What could be in there that was so valuable? Bars of gold? The cure to the common cold?! Proof that Big Foot exists?! The train came bearing down on her, blowing it's horn in a feverish warning to get out of the way! On lookers screamed to her to lie down in between the tracks to avoid being hit! She panicked ( who wouldn't?) and braced herself up against the walls along side the tracks only to be crushed to the horror of rush hour commuters! Phew! Horrible!! My condolences to her family.
What I have learned from my dog that material objects in this life are transient and optional. All my dog needs is what is necessary. Food and water, his collar and leash, a warm bed and the love and care of his owners. Simple! Yet as humans we resist to embrace these basics. I mean you can do the collar and leash thing if that floats your boat but its the creature comforts that count! Why is it that we value these possessions over life and limb?! Designer bags do have their allure to women but come on! Another good reason why I only buy twenty dollar pocketbooks! "Woof!" Well said Ozzie!


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