Spring is Hair!

Yes, at last the days are getting longer and there is a hint of warmth in the air. Crocuses are pushing their way through the earth and Robins have graced our lawn with their presence! With all this comes the shedding of the hair. Ozzie has been releasing these follicles with abundance and there is not a surface in our house that has not been spared! Balls of fur roll gracefully across the wood floors like tumbleweeds in Tucson! We brush him religiously and had him bathed to no avail. Mind you that nothing is sacred. I went to apply my lipstick and found Ozzie hair stuck to the end of it! Ew! Dog hair has now become a condiment in our house right next to the ketchup! I figure the shedding of his winter coat is a seasonal occurrence that just has to be tolerated . Though I don't know why he builds up a winter coat at all since he spends most of the winter on the couch. Maybe it's colder there?! A northern exposure in the living room perhaps? Clogged to the gills with dog hair, my vacuum has surrendered to it. I have been enticed to purchase a state of the art Dyson Animal vacuum. With a hefty price tag as a deterrent I am not sure if it could pick up it's cost in dog hair anyways! In the meanwhile I will try to enjoy the new season and eventually the fur will stop flying. Besides I am getting use to having dog hair in my coffee!


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