It 's Your Doody!

With the Spring weather and the disappearance of mounds of snow that once covered our yards is the emergence of ....yes you guessed it....unharvested dog poop! One of life's less than tasteful tasks. I must pat myself on the back this winter though, I have kept up with it for the most part! If you are looking at an uninhabitable back yard there are options! There is the always reliable Pooper Scooper, which puts some distance between you and poo. Then there is the ever available plastic bag that shields our local newspaper from the elements. Put one on each arm and you can tag team the mounds of waste! If you can't bring yourself to do the clean up you can always hire one of the various pet waste removal outfits that have been pooping ( oh excuse me ) ah popping out due to a lot of entrepreneurial spirit these days. Lately I have been listening to my eco-conscience and have felt a twinge of guilt throwing out poo in plastic bags. I know that it will mummify in these bags and sit in landfills for generations before they degrade! So the other more earth friendly options of disposal are looking good to me. There is the high tech waste disposal systems that work much like a septic tank. You throw the poo into the container and it basically liquefies it and releases it into the surrounding ground. They start at around $60.00 and I have heard pro's and cons about these. Apparently they do not work well when the ground is frozen during the winter months so it might be more appropriate in warmer climates. A cheaper option are biodegradable bags. These kind of plastic bags will break down by organic living organisms and are usually made from a corn base. Some brand names are Business Bags and Pooch Pick Up. Then there are degradable bags which differ from the biodegradable kind. They are broken down by heat, sunlight or pressure, which doesn't happen as quickly as the bio bags but much better than regular plastics that will be around when my children's children's children are colonizing the moon! So we have our options dog owners. Then of course if we do nothing and allow mother nature to take care of business it will eventually go away but until then you may find yourself having barbecues in your neighbor's yard. Oh and on a hot and humid day when the wind blows...ewwww!


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