My Chubby Dog

This morning I took Ozzie for his quarterly bath and nail grinding at the local PetSmart. He was reluctant as usual! The last time he was in the car he was deathly ill and ended up at the vet for two days so he was not too enthusiastic about a car ride. It took two slices of American cheese and a biscuit to get him in the car. Once we arrived there was a considerable amount of tugging and pleading on my part to get him out of the car! We waited in the outer section of the groomers room to check in. There was one little hairy white pup shaking away with an anxiety attack who was first. As his owner signed him in and turned around to leave, Ozzie was right behind him and out the door! "Get back here Ozzie!" I apologized to the groomer " He seems a bit nervous today!" That's alright , we get that all the time here! I returned 3 hours later to pick him up. He sauntered out all ready to go , no longer smelling like a backside of a horse! I was prompted by my husband to weigh him while I was there. He called me from work in the morning to remind me. " I think Ozzie may have put some weight on this Winter!" I took Oz over to the Vet clinic connected to the store and asked to use the scale. Ozzie willingly stepped onto the scale with not a worry in the world! I watched the digital numbers fly past his preferred weight! It stopped at 80.74 pounds! Yikes! That can't be! Can it?! The one sales gal Gwen who has a bully of her own followed me over to the scale. "Wow, he is a big boy isn't he?!" Ozzie sat there proud as punch as people where gathering around us. "Hey, look at the big Bulldog!" someone shouted. "Come Ozzie we have to go home now." All this attention was not going to go to waste and Ozzie took his time. Women were rushing over to look at him, asking if they could pet him. Sure go ahead looks like we will be here for a while! I am always surprised how many folks come up to me and say the have or had a Bulldog too. Two women told me they had bullies that lived to be 13 years old! Though the one gal was kind enough to remind that you have to keep them on the slim side for that to happen! A man came up to me with his cute 6 year old daughter. "Look Jessica, look at the chubby dog!" 'Is it okay for her to pet him?!" "Sure, as long as your not made of cheese he won't bite!" The little girl giggled and stroked Ozzie's ears. It took me another 45 minutes to leave the place. Ozzie was in his glory! I got him home and told him how it was going to be. "Look Ozzie you need to cut back on the treats and you need to exercise!" I saw the little thought bubble above his head " Yeah sure, tomorrow I will start." Ozzie then turned around and piled onto the couch for a well deserved nap. " I have to rest up for my fans you know" "
I suppose it is not in your DNA to be thin!
Yes Ozzie sleep well my prince,my chubby dog!


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