Pet Peeves: Waiting Room Madness

Today I am inspired to share with you my frustration with a recent encounter that I think most of us have experienced. I had a doctor's appointment Monday morning at 9:30 AM to have some routine blood work done. This particular Monday morning was quite hectic. I had woke up around 5:30 AM when my husband was leaving for work. The night before we had gotten in late after a 6 hour road trip from Vermont so we were both pretty weary! I was feeling restless and perhaps a little guilty that he had to leave so early so I refrained from going back to sleep. My dance card was full for the day. Besides the doctor I had to take my son to an impoundment lot to retrieve his car. Over the weekend we had a huge dump of snow in northern NJ. William decided to get a hankering for a Big Mac at 1:00 AM in the midst of this snowy mess and got stuck on a snow bank! His car was towed by a town towing service to remove it off the exit ramp and 175.00 dollars expensive hamburger! This of course threw me off schedule and caused me to be late for my doctor's appointment. I struggled to parallel park in front of the office to the amusement of onlookers! I hurriedly open the car door and grabbed my open pocketbook which then dumped it's entire contents onto the wet macadam. After collecting my things I rushed into the office just to be confronted by a surly receptionist. " I'm sorry I am a bit late this morning but I have a 9:30 appointment!" Well she replied brusquely "Your are just going to have to wait now!" I scanned the telephone booth sized waiting room that was packed with people. "What?!" was all I could reply. I reluctantly took a seat next to some guy with a tissue stuck up his left nostril! "Great, I'll probably catch the Swine flu now!" I sat there for a while trying not to breath in the Petri dish of germs that was the waiting room when some young guy entered the office. He approached Miss Snip and told her that he was here for some routine blood work. He then gave her his cell phone number and said "Call me when its my turn I will be waiting in my car. I don't want to get sick from sitting in here!" Wow, why didn't I think of that?! A brilliant plan! Too late for me though, I felt infected already with some malady! After an hour of sitting there I went up to my new BFF and asked her when was I going in to see the doctor? "Oh" she responded with a blank stare..."Your next." Sure I knew that she had forgotten about me just like an old pair of socks! The rest of the visit went quite quickly and a pin prick later and I was out of there! I can only add that waiting room to my list of most despised places on earth along with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the laundromat on a hot summer day with no air conditioning. Oh Ozzie you are so lucky you are a dog!


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